The IRON List (Special Edition) - October 29, 2018

Industry: Africa needs more jobs.

The Washington Post reports that African countries - especially the leading economies of Nigeria, Angola, Sudan and Algeria - are still not on track to create enough jobs for an expanding youth population.

This report is based on recent analysis by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, which also highlighted the issue of Africa’s growing population back in April 2017. Among concerns for this trend is the possibility of dangerous protests due to anger and restlessness over unemployment, similar to what was experienced during the Arab Spring in 2011.

Research: The weight of this problem likely rests on entrepreneurs - who need more support.

Experts continue to point to entrepreneurship - or the creation of new businesses and industries within the private sector - as the most promising method of addressing joblessness efficiently and quickly. The flight of college-educated African professionals back to their native countries could explain this optimism around improving the local economy via the influx of highly skilled workers. However, the image of Africa as a risky investment still persists, reducing the number of investment opportunities for entrepreneurs. Add to that the lower likelihood of securing bank loans due to inadequate collateral, and business owners are less likely to develop projects that can be sustained long-term.

Opportunities:  Karfi announces the IRON Series Webinar.

Time and again, Karfi clients have expressed this frustration with acquiring the financing and resources needed for their businesses to thrive. That’s why we’re developing the IRON Series Webinar - a new platform for upcoming leaders in this field to share their origin stories and practical steps taken to overcome these hurdles.

Karfi’s first episode will air Monday, November 19th, featuring Kwadwo (“Kojo”) Sarpong, Co-Founder of the African Research Academies for Women (ARA-W). Kojo’s story is one of perseverance, creativity, and diligence - you will not believe the feats he had to overcome to ultimately become a renowned leader in the advancement of STEM research and women in West Africa.

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Seun Shokunbi