The IRON List - October 19, 2018

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Industry: it’s up to Africans to prove their integrity.

There’s no shortage of news around how Europe and China, among other foreign investors, are taking advantage of the cloaks African leaders use to cover up trade deals that keep millions of ordinary Africans less prosperous. A recent report suggests that even the IFC, which supposes to monitor and police these activities, is allowing billions of dollars in tax fraud on the island of Mauritius.

The question now is, is it undue pressure to ask Africa to take the moral high ground, and is it less about looking like “the good guy” and more about stopping a pattern of being pushed over by international bullies?

Research: women inspire each other, and need champions in their corner.

Independent thinking and motivation is definitely an admiral trait, but a recent study also shows the positive effect spouses can have on women in entrepreneurship. Progressive shifts in cultural views can particularly increase the number of African women aspiring to start their own businesses.

Opportunities:  African Women 4Tech

This conference takes place October 25th in Cote d’Ivoire for the “promotion of women in the digital sector.” Register ASAP if you’re interested and in Abidjan.

Networking: You don’t have to leave your home to do it.

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