The IRON List - September 6, 2017

1. Industry: Human Assets

Human capital will remain an essential lever pulling any economy towards boom or bust. Despite an increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) or automation, industry experts report a huge gap between a high demand for skilled workers and the supply of qualified talent. Human assets are treasures that should be actively sought after, whether within the "developed" or "developing" world.

Positive signs emerging from South Africa and Morocco show the results of prioritizing investments in human capital. Recent events in the U.S., however, point to a counter-intuitive approach that is to an extent based on unsubstantiated perceptions about whether investments present a win-win situation or a zero-sum game.

“[T]he evidence suggests that the mere presence of undocumented workers, especially non-criminals like those covered under DACA, is not nearly as detrimental to the economy as most people suppose, and may actually be a net benefit.” -- Cato Institute, “The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Repealing DACA.”

“The immigration debate in the United States has largely coalesced around Latino immigrants, a focus that some immigrant advocates say fails to grasp the complexities as well as the diversity of the issue.” -- NBC News, “Black & Undocumented: Caribbean Immigrant’s Long Fight for Citizenship.”

“I did not land at the Hilton Hotel by chance...[I got this] position not only due to my skills and experience, but also the support of Career Center in Tangier.” -- Medium, “Moroccan Youth Find Leads at USAID Career Centers.”

“That’s why I usually say to young entrepreneurs, if you’re not finding a way to make money while you’re sleeping, you work until the day you die.” --Crushing Corporate, “Sandile Shezi: South Africa’s Youngest Millionaire.”

2. Research: Stealing from the Rich

According to the report “Honest Accounts 2017: How the world profits from Africa’s wealth”, 47 countries in Africa subsidize almost $42 billion USD of the world’s economy through resources and debt repayments, while 67 percent of people living on the continent earn $3.10 USD or less per day. Read a synopsis of the report here, and download the full document here.

3. Opportunities: Paid, Volunteer and Competitive

Marketing Manager, West Africa position at iFlix

Sustainable Cities Photo Contest hosted by the World Bank

4. Networking: Investing 101

Made in Africa: Investing 101 (today - September 6, 2017 at 5 pm) is an event hosted by Spyon Productions, Inc., focusing on a basic overview of investing that explains the differences between saving and investing, including asset classes & investment styles, stocks, bonds and types of mutual funds. RSVP and find more details here.