The IRON List - September 11, 2017

1. Industry: African Style Guide

Birthed from a desire (and possibly a need) to bring greater attention to the U.S. fashion scene, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is now a kaleidoscopic expression of how the people of the world dress. Most notably on display this year were the designers representing African countries. The diverse array of talent NYFW now attracts hints at the creative economy becoming just as much a stimulus for developing nations as it is for any other region around the globe.

“African style bloggers have gained large followings lately—but the internet has continued to see stylish African men doing their thing online and taking the blogging world by storm.”--OkayAfrica, “Top 10 African Menswear Bloggers You Need To Follow On Instagram.”

“Nuciano is a fashion company that makes high-quality designer handbags at accessible prices, but the story doesn’t stop there.” --Huffington Post, “From Nigeria To New York Fashion Week.”

“We need more. We need more Black everything. We need more Black designers, supporters of designers.” --Essence, “Designer Jerome LaMaar Speaks Out Multi-Culturalism and the Importance of Black Faces in Fashion.”

Check out the Made with Ife brand at NYC Live @ Fashion Week.

(Read more about the creative economy here and here.)

2. Research: Heeding the Call

“If there were a global siren to signal that a humanitarian crisis has tipped over the threshold to a catastrophic scale, it would be ringing loudly right now,” writes Director of the Global Food Security Project Kimberly Flowers. In a September article for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Flowers warns that the food insecurity problems rising out of Africa are not an isolated issue. Famines in countries like Somalia and South Sudan will create serious national security concerns for the U.S., but these catastrophes are not getting the media attention corresponding to the size of their threat.

Perhaps if more Americans knew their morning cup of coffee was in danger, they’d pay attention? It’s a theory suggested in a recent segment of BBC’s Africa Today podcast (beginning at 21:15 mark).

3. Opportunities: Paid, Volunteer and Competitive

Nominees requested for the Obama Foundation Fellowship Program

Account Manager and Fall Editorial Internship roles at OkayAfrica

Creative Associate role at BSARS

4. Networking: Africa CEO Forum and Green Campus Initiative

Once again, The Green Campus Initiative is hosting a multi-day conference, this time in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. Register here for the Nigeria Alternative Expo 2017, scheduled for October 18-20.

Registration for the Africa CEO Forum 2018 event is open. It’s scheduled to take place from March 26-27 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.