The IRON List - October 18, 2017

1. Industry: For Us, By Us

OpenAfrica, an initiative of the African Global Shapers, calls for more “intra-Africa collaboration on trade, governance, and sharing of talent”— an ease of border control and shared ownership of economic development between African countries. This is not only for the sake of expediting that growth by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) deadline, but to also create a more financially stable and independent continent. Compared to the sometimes fraught undertakings of NAFTA or the European Union, how would Africa fare in this realm? Will working with one’s neighbor create a greater sense of unity and efficiency, or will self-interest and human nature ultimately make things worse than before?

“By building on success stories and lessons, Africa will accelerate the pace of agricultural and rural development for sustainable progress.” --Daily Nation, “A home-grown solution to Africa’s woes.”

“Trade among African countries is up 42% since 2007, and the proportion of SA’s outbound investment that goes to the continent has quadrupled — but obstacles remain.” --Business Day, “Trade with Africa can underpin SA’s growth, says Sihle Zikalala.”

“He asked to support African countries in addressing African issues in African ways. The international community should respect the sovereignty of African countries and help Africa achieve comprehensive peace…” --Xinhua, “Chinese UN envoy calls for more international input in Africa.”

“A critical piece on the path to greatness for Africa hinged on fostering intra-African trade and on the de-commoditization of the continent’s exports...Afreximbank had launched an intra-African trade strategy dedicated to that effort.”  --Ventures Africa, “To pull out of poverty, African countries should de-emphasise grants and aid.”

2. Research: One Man’s Trash, Another Woman’s Treasure

Please read a fascinating report by SEED (in partnership with UNEP and UNDP) about how recycled waste is helping women in South Africa build businesses and global brands.

3. Opportunities: Paid, Volunteer and Competitive

Senior Evidence and Knowledge Management Specialist-Gender Based Violence at CARE

Programme Manager at Ark EPG Côte d’Ivoire

Volunteer teachers at Marble Arch International School

Chief Operating Officer at Sport England

4. Networking: Shape Africa 2017 and Black Health Matters Conference

October 26 to October 28th is OpenAfrica’s Shape Africa conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The focus will be African narratives - advice from elders on what worked in the past, and how to enlist a group of African youth to continue telling accurate stories. Register here for the event.

The First Annual Black Health Matters Conference is happening at Harvard University, November 10-12th. Purchase tickets here, and read more about the purpose behind the conference here.