Karfi's mission: sustaining a wellspring of resources for aspiring African leaders.

In Hausa, "karfi" is a word meaning "iron", "strength" and "power". On the continent of Africa and among members of the Diaspora, there is an abundance of power. It manifests itself as young women and men who are social entrepreneurs, determined to effect change in their communities. It is estimated that over $2.5 trillion USD is needed per year for developing countries to successfully reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Thousands of social entrepreneurs across 54 countries are vying for this funding to either start or continue efforts towards realizing the SDGs.

While the ground is fertile, seeds need to be planted and tools must be sharpened. That’s where Karfi comes in - introducing social entrepreneurs to pools of resources, and providing guidance on how to leverage them. Of primary focus are start-up nonprofits and social enterprises that are led by Africans, understaffed, stretched thin, and yet perform herculean tasks on behalf of the people they serve. Rather than toiling in isolation, Karfi connects these leaders to consultants with the experience and networks necessary to help them do their work more efficiently. In other words, we sharpen iron.




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"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."

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