Our College Tour (re)introduces the idea of Pan-Africanism & making a difference through entrepreneurship.

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Our first campus stop exceeded expectations! As a featured speaker at the BOLD Conversations Conference, we talked with young women about doing well versus doing good after college. The main takeaway: you can figure out how to survive or invest your time and savings into work that help others thrive. By the end of our visit, students were overwhelmingly considering life as a social entrepreneur in Africa, and eager to learn from others who’ve been successful in this career path.


Boston College

“Telling the truth about your life should feel relatively easy. That’s not always the case with people of color/minority groups/people traditionally seen as outside of the dominant culture.”

Through an honest talk about imposter syndrome, race and gender discrimination and knowing right from wrong, Karfi founder Seun Shokunbi encouraged students to use her story as an example of taking their roles as social impact leaders seriously, and not just as a way to get glory, wealth or fame.

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