What Makes Us Different?

We’re non-exclusive.

The only eligibility criteria required to use our services is a demonstrated need. Clients go through an intake process that accesses whether they are significantly strained due to their financial, gender or political status. Support is then offered based on a tiered membership plan. Anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations is welcome.

On-demand content and assistance.

Webinars, eBooks, and more are available for instant consumption and learning. We also provide our clients with a team for basic operational tasks so they can focus on being creative and providing their core products/services.

Empowering others to lead.

We don’t want our clients to rely solely on us to continue to grow. That’s why we’ll design content and turnkey projects that will give them the solid foundation necessary to operate on their own after no more than one year in our program. And we’re intentional about serving African-led businesses to ensure leadership remains in the hands of Africans who live in or are connected to Africa.