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We believe in democratizing the entrepreneurship journey, no matter who you are, where you’re from, or who you know.


Over the past year, we’ve learned that in order to truly make entrepreneurship a reasonable goal for any and every African, we need to move barriers out of the way: financial, class status, and gender barriers, to be more specific.

Through our charitable arm, the Karfi Foundation will rely on three pillars to provide the support needed to make entrepreneurship possible for all.


The Three Pillars

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1. Teach them to fish (Educate)

Entrepreneurs existed since the 10th millennium BC. Many mistakes have been made, which means there’s a lot of lessons to learn.

Your contributions to the Karfi Foundation makes sure that we create content that summarizes these lessons in accessible, easy-to-understand ways for aspiring business leaders across Africa and the diaspora. That includes producing webinars (podcast-style), eBooks, and videos through the IRON Series and distributing them where and when our audience needs them the most.


2. Help carry the load (Elevate)

Even when you know what to do, you don’t always have the ability to do it. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are usually understaffed and stretched thin, trying to produce amazing results with little financial or operational support.

Contributions to the Karfi Foundation will allow our team to provide outsourced consulting services to struggling business owners, either for free (for those with the most need) or at a highly subsidized cost. Businesses that benefit from these services would simply have to demonstrate financial difficulty and come from any group that is under-represented in entrepreneurship. (Learn more about our criteria here.)

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3. Make it social (Accelerate)

The most important thing we demand from our entrepreneurs is that their businesses empower other Africans to lead Africa’s socioeconomic development. That means we will only partner with enterprises that solve a social issue in their target markets and accelerate improvements in the quality of life for Africans globally.

No matter the business structure (for-profit or not-for-profit), our goal is to see business development as a catalyst for developments on the continent and abroad.


The Karfi Foundation shares the same mission statement as its business arm, Karfi. And that is to obtain and sustain resources for aspiring African leaders.

By 2024, we want 100% of the entrepreneurs we’ve worked with to

  • create jobs for 70% of the people living within at least a 50-mile radius of their business headquarters

  • develop at least one social initiative that provides free yet vital services to residents of the communities they operate in (e.g. educational, health, vocational, or technology-based services)