Karfi introduces social entrepreneurs to pools of resources, and provides guidance on how to leverage them. Of primary focus are start-up social enterprises and nonprofits that are understaffed, stretched thin, perform herculean tasks on behalf of the people they serve, and are led by members of the African Diaspora. Rather than toiling in isolation, Karfi connects these leaders to consultants with the experience and networks necessary to help them do their work more efficiently. In other words, we sharpen iron.

Q. Do clients have to sign a contract?

A. Yes – because we value “Integrity”, all agreements between clients and Karfi must be in writing. You are encouraged to schedule a free initial consultation to assess your exact needs and come to an agreement on the specific outputs you want Karfi to provide. Once in writing, clients have a maximum of 30 days to ask for a revised agreement, which will require signing a new contract.


Q. How much does it cost to hire Karfi?

A. Karfi’s mission is to make sure businesses – especially startups and small-scale organizations – are able to afford our services. Be sure to discuss your organization’s financial capacity during the free initial consultation.


Q. What payment plans are available?

A. All clients must provide an initial deposit once a contract is signed, and before any services can be rendered. Refer to this article for reasons why an initial deposit is requested. Clients have the option of either a retainer plan (e.g. half now, half later) or monthly installment plan (e.g. set fee paid on a certain date every month for duration of contract).


Q. Can I get my money back?

A. Clients may receive a refund of their initial deposit 30 days after they decide to end their partnership with Karfi. Karfi does not offer refunds for services already rendered. Clients are entitled to a full refund (initial deposit + additional payments) in the event that Karfi is in breach of contract and/or fails to deliver services that were paid for by the client.