David Wright - Programme Officer at the United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on Africa

"I first met Seun when she joined our team in 2010, and I haven’t lost touch with her since. I was and am impressed with her eagerness to not only teach but to learn. Her impeccable writing, research and collaborative skills ensured a successful completion of many projects, including high-level summary reports on behalf of the Under-Secretary General. No matter who Seun interacts with, they are greeted with kindness, and no matter who Seun’s working for, she is committed to producing work of the highest caliber. She is an asset to anyone seeking expert advice on development in Africa."


Adam Johnson - former Nevada State Public Charter School Authority Chair, Executive Director at Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus

"Seun was charged with preparing the majority of our grant applications, secured funding to finance the start-up costs for opening our school in Nevada, and supported our team with various policy, accountability, and communications tasks. Even when projects were given last minute, she produced high quality work ahead of schedule, and with a positive attitude. Levelheadedness is the secret ingredient to Seun's success.

More importantly, Seun pushed my team to be more ambitious and transformative in what we set out to accomplish at our turnaround school. Seun's ability to inspire others to set higher goals for themselves cannot be understated."


Tashiah Singleton - Manager, Learning Programs at Education Pioneers

"Seun is making an immeasurable contribution to the development world, and her commitment to social equity is palpable. With a genuine heart for helping others and tenacity in the face of obstacles, Seun inspires her peers to courageously forge solutions to the most debilitating challenges in our world today."

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